About Us

Meet your new team.

Hey there!

I’m Shawn, a 19-year creative professional, global top-50 business author, and award-winning web designer. I’ve worked hand-in-hand as a marketing consultant, creative director, and designer with major Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies… but between you and me, I’ve always had a big heart for the underdog.

In 2012, I made the decision to put my skills and experience to work for the greater good. We packed up shop, set up a small office, and set out to change the world for growing small business owners.

Since then, our team has grown into a full-blown collective agency – three partners, a team of nine, and a bunch of happy clients – but our intent has remained the same, and our values have only grown more focused and dedicated.

We believe in your ability to succeed. That’s our North Star.


Here’s how we make it happen.

WE BELIEVE IN PAYING IT FORWARD. Quid pro quo is for douchebags, and we don’t keep score. If someone needs help, we help.

WE BELIEVE MONDAYS ARE SACRED GROUND. If you can learn to love challenges and lean into the hard times, you can do anything.

WE BELIEVE IN THE BOLD ELEGANCE OF SIMPLICITY. Too many “designers” get caught in the trap of adding more. We believe in including what is necessary to accomplish your goal, making it strong, and cutting away everything else. Distractions are trash. Our work performs.

WE BELIEVE IN LAUGHING AT OURSELVES.  We also believe in checking egos at the door, apologizing when necessary, and calling each other out if we’re being an asshole.  We’re the first to take responsibility of any situation, because it gives us the power to make it right.

WE BELIEVE THAT PASSION AND INTEGRITY AREN’T THINGS YOU CAN’T TEACH. There are no classes in How to Give a Damn. You either care or you don’t… and those who do deserve to win, underdogs included.

WE BELIEVE THAT THE NUMBERS ARE THE ORACLE. Design without data is mere decoration, and it’s not going to get you anywhere. We’re problem-solving doctors, not fancy photoshop monkeys.

WE BELIEVE THAT INFORMATION WITHOUT EXECUTION IS USELESS. Too many people hide behind the excuse of learning. Invest in yourself, jump off the damn cliff, and we’ll help you build your wings on the way down.

WE BELIEVE IN BEING 100% AUTHENTIC. We don’t ask people to change who they are, and we don’t hide who we are. Whatever makes you different, hold it up to a megaphone. Use it.

WE BELIEVE IT’S OKAY TO BE QUIRKY. Our team includes all kinds of brains – techies, artists, night owls, bookish research nerds, hyper-organized task slingers, and a window-writing savant or two. Sometimes genius comes with quirks, and we celebrate that.

WE BELIEVE NOTHING SHOULD EVER BE HALF-ASSED. We never, never settle. We’re not successful unless our clients are, so we make sure that our work commands the attention you deserve.

WE BELIEVE IN FEARLESS, STRAIGHTFORWARD COMMUNICATION. People come to us because they value our experience and ability to take them where they can’t go alone. We cut to the core of everything we say and do – politely and with compassion, but without even a hint of bullshit.

WE BELIEVE THAT DATA WITHOUT INTERPRETATION IS FOR COWARDS. It’s one thing to collect data, but it’s even more essential to be able to distill actionable direction from measured results. We go out on that limb and give you the low-down.

WE BELIEVE EVERY CLIENT IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT. Project costs and budgets are solely a logistical matter, and they have zero bearing on how we treat our clients. If you’re one of ours, you’re our top priority.


Let’s connect.

Whether you’re looking for help in your business strategy, on your website, or you just want to hang out and eat tacos, we’re excited to connect with you.  Say hello!